Braincandy is the creative part of  Keyhouse.

With Braincandy we offer a selection of motivational and inspirational products.

The products we offer are available in our webshop, we ship around the globe.

Happiness and love multiplies when it´s being shared, that´s why we have worked with a lot of love at our products to share them with you! 

We are currently working at expanding our products!! 
Keep in touch for updates.


Gratitude Journal

To start each day with a positive feeling you can use our Gratitude Journal.

Focussing on gratitude will guide your mind into a loving and positive setting, how great is it to create awareness on the good things in life!

This journal gives you the space to write out 5 things you are grateful for, each day for three months.

Every two weeks you will find an inspiring quote to keep up the good work.

Size: A5

Price: 70sek

Gratitude jounal

Bookmarks "Stickman"

"The thoughts of today will create your tomorrow"
Our bookmarks will help to motivate and remind you to watch your thoughts and actions.

Create awareness about what flows in, choose what you want to let in with care and positivity.

Colors: Yellow, Blue, Pink.

Price: 50sek


Gratitude Journal Free Download

This is a free sample of our Gratitude Journal, download it for free in our webshop to start today!