Channeled Messages Januari 2022

January 17

Beautiful souls with wisdom and creation, how lovely to be able to create life. Attraction is always there, live the gravity of the earth

We are creating every second, in our mind and in our hearts. Infinity and forever, our wisdom is available to en through you, just tap into the pool of it and you can create everything… Pure love and understanding, the flow is light and it’s always at ease.

Create this in your mind by helping others feel good, help yourself feel good and let others help you feel to feel good. Oh boy there is endless love around us, just open your eyes and fly!

Love, Metatron, Part of the Clan.

January 10


It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed in an outside world that keeps spinning and spinning, You sometimes feel behind or feel it’s difficult to catch up with it.. But let us ask you, what is it you want so badly that you keep on running, or what is it you are just trying to catch up with? From a little distance we can see that you do not have to catch up with anything, or anyone. It’s not a big deal, you are you and it’s literally impossible to catch up with the world around you, because you are not that world around you. You are YOU!

So unique, so powerful and totally in charge of your own world. Alignment is a word that helps to focus, decide what it is you want to be in alignment with. Only you can create your own world, your own life and your own results. With running toward others, asking others, thinking that you have to do what others do, think or say, you are just running away from yourself. And YOU have to be the most important “something” for you. It’s about you!

So stop, breathe, relax and think about how you can get in alignment with yourself, your higher self, your dreams, your heart, your love… and walk that path, don’t run, you will get there anyway!


The Clan

January 3

For us, for you

To us, to you

We are all made from the same energy,

Everything around us is energy and we are all part of this energy To ask for help is to just put the energy in your question, To seek answers is to focus the energy on the answer, because it’s already there. We are energy, you are energy, knowlegde is energy and all materials are energy The pool of knowlegde is always available, the solution is always available and energy flows where the thought goes.

Creation is all around us, everything you see is a thought that has come to life with the power of energy. From the car you drive in to the love in a relationship, from the food a farmer has grown to the drawing a child made… Use the energy for the good, use the energy for love and the creation to create heaven on earth.. because… that’s what lifes about…. To LIVE..


The Clan

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