Channeling January 31 2022

Imagine a gigantic lake, Animals are living inside the lake, plants growing in the lake, plants growing around the lake and animals drinking from the lake.

The lake has multiple streams flowing in different directions right into the open, wild world. Rain fills the lake again, rain comes from the earth were the lake exists. All is in harmony, this lake will not dry up by itself.

The lake is like universal energy, the knowledge, the ideas, the love, the pure energy that is all around us. All of us, all beings, live from this energy, just like the plants and animals live from the lake. We are like the streams, the little rivers that come from the big lake.

We as humans tend to build dams and obstructions into our life. We tend to think we (the stream) are not connected with the lake (the universal energy)

But it IS, we ARE!

Our energy is connected with the universal energy (that gigantic lake), we can create our life, we can use and share this universal energy. It will never fall dry.

Open up the dams, let the energy flow and feed your “plants” and “animals” (your dreams and ideas) with the pure and clear water and BLOOM!

Love, The Clan.

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