Hej, Hoi, Hello!

Personal development, well that's something very trendy at the moment...

For me it means realizing I can grow and improve myself every day, learning and doing by one step at a time... (plays happy music and sees little farm animals dancing in a green meadow full of flowers)

But, how is my journey going in real life?

It's like those memes on Instagram "how people think I'm improving, how I think I'm improving, how I really am improving" :-)

With images like "meditating upside down at the ceiling" and "being chased by a big moose that I thought would love to get a hug from me while munching on tasty grass in a ray of sunshine" hahahaha yep..

It's like an upside down, inside out, rollercoaster, tycoon thing on a pretty great and heavy road.

Learning things and then using these in life are a great challenge, but persisting on integrating them as a "habit" is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

It's simple, but it isn't easy... but honestly I really recommend it!

Something I find very interesting is the way we are "programmed" during our whole life.

I mean programmed as in our culture, our school, our friends, how we are raised, our surroundings, our financial statements, our jobs and so much more.

These experiences build little habits and beliefs, they call it paradigms, these can both be a BIG pain in the ass or the most amazing jewel!

Most of them flew or flowed into our building grounds like silent bugs in thin air, we are busy exploring the world while those little bugs arrive unnoticed and settle deep into our roots...

They change our system, our thinking, our behavior.. and then they keep creating them..

It's sounds like the biggest horror movie right?

Or do I own a paradigm that I believe YOU all would think it seems like a horror movie.. hmz..

I liked this information, it helped me to understand our thinking and our behavior, our successes and our failures.

If we would create awareness for those "bugs" we could start choosing which bugs we allow to help us build our life...

We don't have to accept ALL the bugs to settle, we can choose which we accept....

And if we can choose, we can change the paradigms, beliefs and behavior we don't like, right?

This was the start of my journey.. in a tiny nutshell..

"The journey of a sensitive, autistic girl with a load of baggage to self improvement"

YaY... hahaha Oh my...

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