Stepping into action! Yay!

Steps, forward, keep stepping, little error, getting up and take another step :)

Dreams and goals, I have many of them..

But dreaming will remain dreaming if I don't step into action..

Sounds SO simple... it IS that simple but it's not easy I have to say with experience.

A very big goal of me is to live my life from 100% ME.

I "am" very sensitive, very hyperactive, very easily distracted, very passionate, very easy frustrated and totally insecure.. My dad once called me: Miss Spitfire...

I wrote the I "am" with quotation marks because stating something like this is SO wrong and that's why I am not going to use this anymore.

When I say "I AM" followed by a thing or "you ARE" followed by a thing, I put myself (or you) in a box. I judge upon the past experiences and with that I decide the future results..

Because hey, I AM like this....

NOPE! No.. Nej...

I did struggle with these "things" but that does absolutely not have to say anything about my future decisions. Because I decide how to react and live every moment of every day.

With the help of my husband (and coach) Kris and coaches like Bob Proctor, I learned how to step into another mindset, I learned to understand how the mind works.

My first step was to acknowlegde the issue, I wrote it out on paper, I burned it (safe outside in the fireplace) and I wrote a testimonal for myself about myself how I wanted me to be. Next step was to focus on the new beliefs, on the new me, AS IF it was already true.

I started a journal, every day I wrote 5 things I'm grateful for and a few affirmations that would help me build my new beliefs and to act out my "true" me. From Shaman Durek I learned how to write this, because the energy you put in something, is very important.

I did not write "I am so happy and grateful I'm not insecure or frustrated anymore"

Because the energy still would be about the negative (insecure, frustrated)

I wrote : I am so happy and grateful I'm getting more secure every day and feel very calm and at ease in every situation"

Do you feel the difference? I surely did!

And then, I had to show persistence! Wow that's something cool (and a great challenge)


Because every day has new challenges that test us, I have days that something still knocks me down, with an autism tantrum as a result BUT you know what I also see? I'm getting back on my feet, faster & easier, and the knockdowns are having less effect on me..

The journey isn't all roses and unicorns right, well it actually is!!

Let's be honest, knockdowns are a pain in the ass at that moment but looking back at them, I learned something every time, I grew every time, I love a little bit more every time and it shows we are so very powerful and in CHARGE! YAY

So I run, I walk, I love, I fall, I get up, I grow and I reach my goals!

And as I look back, I am very grateful for the people that walk with me on my journey, supporting me, loving me for who I am, helping me, telling me when I have to adjust a bit and keep me motivated when I get a little lost. They absolutely are AMAZING... There are always people (or animals) in our lives availabe to support us.

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