Throwback Channeled messages December 2021

December 20

Connect with your heart to get to know the true you and to act out this amazing you.

A wonderful human being with a mind that’s so strong, our lives depend on it.

The tv we see all day, our vision at the outside world around us can change or affect our feelings, thoughts and actions but it doesn’t have to be this way. By focussing on your heart, reflecting into the soul, it will be soon very clear who you are and what you really want to achieve and act out.

Meditation and connecting with your heart increases love all around you and also self respect, you need to care for yourself. Getting into contact with yourself is very important in a world that is filled with energies, feelings, tv’s and experiences.

Create your life, focus on the heart and show your heart, your soul, because your’re so worth it. We wish you the best, coolest, funniest, happiest life you could image… You can imagine this life right? So, keep imagining and act out this feeling and you will see everything will shift!

Love, The Clan

December 13

It’s all the same but also different, Same structure, same brain but nothing alike in the mind.

The river of thoughts that flows inside is never ending, never slowing down, yet, we can steer the way the river flows. Every human being has the strength to decide which thought we give energy to, find the courage and the love to decide what you want. Only you, because we are talking directly to you and please remember that it is of no use to spend thoughts on how you think they think what you should be thinking… You are enough, you are unique and you are important, be you.

Find out who you are, who would you be when you would be the only one in the world.

Be that one, the one that makes your tummy twinkle, be the one you would be so amazingly proud of. Your true you, because you know, that’s the best version of you and you will be loved anyway! You will be loved Big way, all day and without limitations.

Be creative and decide the true you, we will be right alongside to support you, to give you the courage you need, we help you find the strength that is already inside you.. You rock! Totally!

Love, The Clan

December 6

Beautiful people, all around us

Each of them with their own story, each of them living in their own “world”.

Everyone has their own view on their world, their own reflection of how he or she sees the world.

We all deserve happiness, we are all created to create, we all can grow a little bit respect for the world the other lives in.

It’s easy to step outside your world and just enter the world of someone else, all day we enter someones world with our conversations, our internet, our day to day lifes. Do we take a moment to breath, to respect and to realize we enter someones world? With a little awareness, with a little insight, we can take a bit of love with us into that other world and fill their world with a litte love.

Why wouldn’t we, right? How cool is it to take some love with us on the go, into other worlds, to make those worlds happier and nicer? We don’t just enter someones day with our presence, we really change a bit of their day with our presence… respect this, fill it with love, love is needed.

Be kind to those other worlds, because there is a whole person living IN that world, 24/7 even after we have left that world hours ago…

Allow others to enter your world, let them know they are loved as well, send them home with a goodiebag! Fill it with a smile and some love, it’s SO much fun!

-The Clan

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