Throwback to Channeled Messages November 2021

November 29 It’s a way of giving back something to the world, It’s a way to share a little light, To make someone feel better, To make a child smile, And to show an animal that you care.

It’s to show the world your’re there, To show another that they are not alone. To lead the way, To set an example of kindness, and to add a little extra to that beautiful heart.

We’re talking about love…

Such a small word, a small effort to create but with a gigantic impact.

We came here to learn and to live, to love and to grow… You are loved, you are so very very loved.

Amazing human experience, make sure you add a little love to this experience..

Each day, every day... to your own experience and to the experience of others.

- The Clan

November 23

It’s time we open up and start being happy for another person.

Start loving people and see the good in every person you meet.

Acknowledge how they are appreciated and worth of being happy.

Never be jealous, do not hate because every person has build up a “life”.

There is enough of everything if we just would share.

Creative laughter, because laughter and happiness creates more of it.

Sharing makes people happy.

- The Clan

November 15

Swirling energy is everywhere

Atoms are everywhere and everything we see is energy.

It’s all just connected (or build) in a different way with different constructions but all is and all will ever be “just” energy.

No chair will be a chair forever, neither will we as humans be in this one lifetime forever.

Energy is free and energy moves, we move and that’s why we must focus on the most important things in this particular lifetime.. Love, understanding, happiness and learning.

What brings us joy, what can we share, what can we learn and who do we want to become.

We are in constant motion, there is no pause button or standing still, even if you are literally standing still, you are in motion.. Every second of every day.

All are programmed to create and to explore, to follow our dreams and to use the energy around us, the infinite oceans of knowledge and wisdom..

You are loved, you are wise and you are amazing…

- The Clan.

November 8

Everything is everything, it already is and it always has been this way.

It’s like a canvas we paint, we all get a canvas and we all use the paint to create…

We paint the images in our mind, we paint with the feeling in our heart, we paint with the movement of our body and we paint with the thoughts into our mind.

A constant flow of brushstrokes are painted onto the canvas, it does not stop, there will be no single line the same as another…

This is our life too, no action is the same as another one, no movement is alike.

We can learn from the earlier brushstrokes and we can improve upon this but we will never exactly copy that old brush stroke,

So why would you even think that the next brushstroke will bet he same as the one you put on earlier? Why do you think that this one brushstroke will determine how the whole painting is going to look like? You have the same paint, the same colour, the same brush, the same canvas but the brush stroke will be different.

Do not let the past experiences, mistakes or thoughts keep you locked up in that old brushstroke. We can only learn from them and then move on.. it’s just one single old brushstroke..

The canvas is big, let the paint dry, use another brush, pick another colour and start again!

Be creative, have fun and maybe today mix a new colour?

The Clan.

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