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Welcome to Messages from The Clan


This Blog is all about our channeled messages from The Clan.

Channeling is all about guiding (writing, singing, talking, painting etc) messages we receive from around us. We all channel, we al get those hunches or feelings from time to time because we are always backed-up by the universe, our guides, our family and energy.

I started to really explore this world in summer 2021, I took some classes and dove into this amazing world. I learned how to channel with awareness, I learned how to connect with the one(s) I wanted to "speak" and I learned to receive and write the messages. It's a world that exists out of love and love is the biggest startup to start with channeling.

About The Clan,

When I was channeling with an open mind and not with someone/something I had chosen directly, I noticed there often was a sort of meeting going on

A meeting with different beings that were connecting with each other and with me like a team. A really strong mastermind team. This team was always present, some members are always there, some are coming in and staying only for a little while.

I wanted to give a team name, a human thing to do, I know, but it did strenghten the feeling for me. They became "The Clan" The Clan is not only here for my own personal questions and back up, they also guide me helping others and in channeled messages for other people.

They are very dear to me and I feel very grateful they are guiding me.

I will be posting the older messages first so you can read them back if you like.

Every week I will submit a new message from The Clan.

Have a great day!

Kim and The Clan.

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