About Keyhouse

Keyhouse is founded with the vision to help people, children and companies towards happiness and success.
Our passion is to create and share happiness to the world by sharing our knowledge, passion, service and programs.

Kristiaan van de Lest

Kristiaan is the founder of Keyhouse.

He is a PGI Consultant and certified trainer for T.U.T., he works as a coach and consultant.

His passion is to work with people and help them and/their companies to achieve their goals and dreams. 

Kristiaan is also a Reiki Seichem II therapist. 

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Kim van de Lest

Kim is the creative mind within Keyhouse besides being an artist and the media director within Keyhouse she also works with people and animals.

Her passion is to help both humans and animals on their path.

As a channel she connects on a deep and special level were she is able to guide people and animals towards love and understanding. 

Originally she is a veterinairy assistant.

She is also a certified massage and acupressure therapist.

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